More than 100 different challenges connected to wildlife await you. These are divided into 5 categories (Äventyr (Adventures), Naturquiz (Nature Quiz), Pysseluppdrag, (Practical exercises), Prestationuppdrag (Mental and Physical exercises) and Hjälteinsats (Good deeds)) with  5 degrees of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult, Challenging, Performance). Each of the challenges, when completed successfully, will earn points. 

You can complete some of the challenges all year round and others at specific times of year. Some of the challenges can be completed at home (so weather is not a factor) and others can only be completed at specific places.

Look at the challenges on the opening page by clicking the button Sök bland uppdrag. If you have a special area of interest, you can enter the Swedish word in the field which reads Sök med fritext. Try insekt or fågel. Or you can just browse down the page and click on the challenge that appeals to you.

In order to unlock the challenge, you need to create an account. 

You do this by clicking on the icon with three white lines on it at the top right of the homepage. Choose Skapa konto from the drop-down menu. Complete all the fields on the registration page. 

Visningsnamn/klass (Display name/school class) will be the name that appears on the Leaderboard (see below) once you have completed your first challenge. 

Fill in the name of your Kommun (the municipality where you live) by clicking on the arrow and typing the first letter and waiting for the drop-down list to appear, then scroll to your kommun. 

Förnamn (First name) and Efternamn (Surname) are free text. 

Användarroll (Type of user) click on the arrow and then choose between Person (Person), Skolklass (School class), Familj (Family) or Kompisgäng (Group of friends). 

Födelseår (Year of birth) scroll up or down, using the arrows, to the year of your birth.

E-post fill in your e-mail address to use as an emergency log in if you forget your Username (see below) and to receive updates. Double check that you have given the correct e-mail address.

Användarnamn (för inloggning) this will be your Username and you will use it to log in to the site. 

Välj ett lösenord (Choose a password) which must be at least 6 characters, and which should include at least one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character. An example is Abc12%.

Repetera lösen (Repeat the password) – type in the password that you chose in the previous step.

You are now asked if you would like to make your profile public so that you can be seen on the Leaderboard. Tick the box – you can change your mind later.

Check the next box if you do not want to receive our newsletter and updates.

Check the box which asks if we can save your personal information on the website so that you can receive information about the challenges. There is a box at the top right of the page which says that we want to make sure that you agree to us saving your personal information. When you register, you must agree to this. Your personal information will only be used to handle your profile and will not be shared with third parties. GDPR regulates how companies can handle your personal information. You can read more about the rules at Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten. You can, whenever you like, erase your information - which can only be reinstated by you registering again.

Before you click on the button marked Registrera (Register) you may want to check one more time that you have the right e-mail address above. By pressing this button, you confirm that your e-mail is correct. You will shortly receive an e-mail asking you to click on a link which will complete your registration. Once you click on the link you will be sent back into the website and asked to log in using the details you have just given.

When you log in again you will see that the banner has now changed to show Uppdrag (Challenges), Ryggsäck (Backpack) and Profil (Profile) beside the icon that you clicked the first time that you came into the website.

When you click on Uppdrag in the banner on the top right of the screen, you will come to a page where you can see all the challenges that are currently available. Each challenge shows the degree of difficulty in the label (top left), what kind of challenge it is in the image (top right), the name of the challenge and the period that the challenge is open.

You can reduce the number of challenges that you see by filtering by Uppdragstyp (type of challenge), Svårighetsgrad (degree of difficulty), Hela året (time of year) and Var i Sverige (location). You can also type in a search word if you know which challenge you are looking for.

Once you have registered - click on the challenge that you like the look of. You will now see a text explaining what the challenge is. If you want to continue, click on the button marked Påbörja uppdrag in the box in the top right which also shows you how many points are at play. This will place the task in your Ryggsäck which will allow you to access it quickly later. You will now be able to see what tasks you need to complete to fulfil the challenge. You can save what you have started by clicking on the button marked Spara. You can also write a note to yourself in the box called Privata anteckningar. 

Once you have completed a challenge and have been awarded points, if you have checked the box that says that you would like to have a public profile and to share your information with others, you will be able to see your position on the Leaderboard. You can access the Leaderboard by clicking on the three lines to the right of Profil at the top right-hand corner of the screen and then selecting it from the list of options. You can see how your friends or schoolmates are doing and which level you have achieved. There are several levels, starting with Utforskare (Explorer), progressing to Äventyrare (Adventurer), and onward.


If you have forgotten your password, click on the Logga in button (click the icon with three white lines on it at the top right of the homepage). Fill in your e-mail address and then click on Återställ lösenord. You will shortly receive a mail with a link you can follow to set up a new password.

If you find a fault on the website, please let us know by writing a mail to describing the fault. If possible, take a picture of the page or send a link to it. You can write in Swedish, English or Arabic.

If you have a question and can’t find the answer to it, please contact one of the people working on the project you will find our contact info on this page

About BirdLife Sweden

BirdLife Sverige is Sweden’s national ornithological society. It was formed in 1945 under the name Sveriges Ornitologiska Förening but is now called BirdLife Sverige to show that we are the Swedish partner in the global BirdLife International partnership.

The daily work of the society includes research, particularly at Ottenby bird observatory on Öland where we ring mark birds and keep statistics concerning their migration routes. We also work with bird conservation, by actively keeping an inventory of areas that are important for birds and biological diversity throughout the entire country, and by lobbying politicians and those in power to take care of our environment and nature and all that live in it. At the same time, of course, we do all that we can to encourage more people to be interested in birds. If you would like to be a nature hero by supporting our work, you can become a member of BirdLife Sverige, where the whole family can share one membership.

There are 25 regional societies connected to BirdLife Sverige and they all conduct research and protect birds at a regional level. As a member of BirdLife Sverige you support our work for bird conservation, research, and ornithology in general.

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